Learn Letters of Alphabet with Free Kidney Flash Cards.


  "I can't help quoting you, cause everything that you said rings true." - About Morrissey.

Doctor Aaronson is the OTHER oracle of Omaha

Doctor Aaronson, Omaha, Nebraska's OTHER Oracle. Dr. Michael Aaronson is a kidney physician specializing in Nephrology and hypertension.

In celebration of Morrissey's re-issue of "Your Arsenal," his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clincher, we have decided to re-issue our Kidney flash cards for the kids product offering in HIGH DEFINITION gratis. Read on to see why this free offer is worth every penny ;-), or feel free to jump straight to the universal pdf file for immediate availability. Click or tap here. Enjoy!
download our free flash cards

View and or download Dr. Aaronson's keep your kids busy kidney flash cards in pdf color format for free!
Dr. Aaronson displays the complete kidney flashcard set

Dr. Aaronson keeps your kidneys healthy and your kids busy with free flash cards.

Keep the little ones occupied during your appointment with Dr. Aaronson's Kidney Flash Cards, now updated for 2014 and beyond!

I have young children. They enjoy spending quality time with Mom and Dad. Fellowship is great!

Using www.michaelaaronsonmd.com Flash Cards does many things for you. Scissors cutting the paper teaches your child manual dexterity. (Please remember to buy the kid-friendly scissors and supervise your children, of course!) Also, use our flash cards to teach your children colors, the alphabet, spelling, and how to read in a fun way!

Instructions: First, print out a few copies of the flash cards. A color printer is preferred. Second, WITH THE CHILDREN HELPING, fold along the vertical (up/down) line. Third,trim and cut along the horizontal dotted line. That was great!

Try before you buy:

Aaronson to Bones:
Aaronson A to B

Calcium to Fingers:
Aaronson Flash Cards C to F

Germ to Jogger:
Aaronson Flash Cards G to J

Kidney to Nebraska:
Aaronson Flash Cards K to N

Ocean to Robbin:
Aaronson Flash Cards O to R

Stones to Vein:
Aaronson Flash Cards S to V

Wagon to Zebra:
Aaronson Flash Cards W to Z

Please note: we asked you to print out multiple copies so that you can make words, phrases, and sentences like: I love DR. AARONSON'S NEW iPHONE iPAD WEB APP! Don't forget to ask the kids what color the flash cards are. Please enjoy this truly special gift with your kids and/or grandkids.

Consider using the cards to spell words like "K-I-D-N-E-Y." Another option you might consider is figuring out the relationship of each card to nephrology. For example, consider teaching your kids the importance of drinking water to prevent kidney stones.
S is for kidney stones
"S" is for kidney "stones."

Our children have been enjoying these cards all week.  We hope your family enjoys them as well. Cheers!





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