Decreasing the American Dependence on Google. Tips and Tricks to Succeed Using Bing, GoDaddy, DuckDuckGo, and Diaspora.


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Doctor Aaronson is the OTHER oracle of Omaha

Doctor Aaronson, Omaha, Nebraska's OTHER Oracle. Dr. Michael Aaronson is a kidney physician specializing in Nephrology and hypertension.

What was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and made me realize that we must decrease our reliance and dependence on Google? Believe it or not, it was the in-the-stream-of-thought advertising on Google+ (similar to what Facebook plans to incorporate) that made me cry uncle and realize I must wean myself from my addiction to Google.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, notice the “What’s hot on Google+ improved interface” aka, forced advertising, displayed directly in the stream of thought. This is out of control on many levels. I encourage you to walk away and consider joining a Diaspora* pod, or setting up a pod of your own. (See the official instructions and my “for dummies” version of running and installing your own Diaspora pod). Also, consider checking out my public profile, proudly displayed on my Diaspora pod.

There are ways America and the rest of the world can decrease their dependence on Google as we await the inevitable federal antitrust indictment of the company. In that context, our charge today is to demonstrate an approach that allows for a phenomenal internet user experience using the least amount of Google products possible.

I envy you, my dear friend. You are about to reap the benefits of my thousands of hours of means-testing for free. I hope you enjoy the journey.  Here we go

Remember how much fun searching for information on Google was back in the day? Guess what, you still can search just like you did back then! Interested? Read more…

Step one (to see if you are serious): delete the internet browser Google chrome from your computer. You don’t need it. If you haven’t done so already, please install Mozilla Firefox as your alternative to Internet Explorer. Yes, it is true that Google pays gobs of money for search exclusivity on Mozilla. However, you can bypass all of this by performing the following few simple steps.

The next option is to consider YaCy, the peer to peer search engine that with your help might someday compete with the big dogs.

Let’s talk about Android, man. Until Ubuntu Linux phones are available, which they should be in the very near future, we are stuck with our Android, that is Linux wanna be, mobile “smart” phones.

Penguin boys and ubuntu linux cellular phone fans — the brothers Aaronson. Can you hear me now?

Query: is it possible to use an android phone without relying on the google applications that come with? Yes, it is. You can use android while minimizing your use of Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google plus by cleverly picking alternatives.

That said, I didn’t appreciate how pleasant it is to read and write email, make appointments, and use social networking sans advertisements. Yes, I pay $20 a year for the pleasure and the privilege. But the thousands of hours I spend without annoying Google ads mucking up my stream of thought makes this cost well worth it.

Did you know that GoDaddy offers (for $20) the ability to have email, a calendar program, a diaspora pod, and more sans advertisements using a domain name of your choosing? Sounds to good to be true? It’s not. Other similar offers are available from other companies, but I chose GoDaddy.

Sidebar: I forgive GoDaddy for initially supporting SOPA. They are too busy making commercials which distract one from thinking clearly (viewer discretion advised). At the end of the day their email and calendar software are compatible with Google Mail and Google calendar in a cost effective way. Yes, they did screw up on SOPA, but using them allows you to own your own domain and subsequently build your brand, not Google’s.

Let’s say you want to follow my advice and create an email address using the following domain: simplecountry. Go to GoDaddy to check availability: is available for $3195. No worries. Avoid the shenanigans by purchasing for $9.99. Whoo Hoo! Now you can have that diaspora pod you always wanted using the moniker. Also, add email and calendaring for $10 more.

Next, purchase your domain. Set up an email and a calendar account. The diaspora pod set up can happen later, when you have some free time available. (Please note, you have to select the “always use secure email” option in the email settings. Also, remember to use a strong password.)

Go to your gmail account and set up forwarding to your new email which I will designate:

Under the settings menu select: Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Forward all of your mail to your new email address and mark Gmail’s copy as read. All of a sudden, you have bypassed Google. You lose nothing as you take your time telling your friends about your “email move.”

Go to the Android market and download K-9 mail.

Enter your email address and password:

Add your email address and password. Note that instead of the address, you now can professionalize your email using the domain name of your choosing. I chose What a great name for an email address as well as a diaspora pod!

Choose POP 3 account and enter your incoming server settings:

Next enter your outgoing server settings:

Please note: GoDaddy has an app for android and iPhone that you can use as an alternative for this app, if you wish.

Next we move on to using the calendar functions sans Google. I recommend downloading the dolphin browser for android. This phenomenal browser allows you to manage your GoDaddy email and calendar from the web using your smart phone.

Web user login interface.

Dr. Aaronson demonstrates his email interface. Where are the ads? There are none! Capice? Let me say that again: THERE ARE NO ADS. Is this convenience worth the money? Heck yeah! Hey Google, you done been shrunk!

Dr. Aaronson demonstrates his new google free, ad-free calendar that has the ability to subscribe to google calendar and other ics calendars. Please note he also has access to his old Google calendar, so he doesn't have to re-enter all of his events. He plans to use his subscription until the old google entered events expire. He also has access to his wife's calendar. Is the saying: "Happy wife, happy life" spot on? You betcha it is!

To free yourself from Google Docs, consider Documents to Go for Android. Yes, you spend $14.99 for the professional version. However, you are free.

If you are addicted to Google News, note that there are alternatives. Consider Bing News -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend?!? It has a great interface. Very Nice!

Let me close with the following quote from Matthew Paul Miller: "From the forest itself comes the handle for the axe. Split this wilderness, listen up, this ain't where it's at. Clear a path so that you could find your way back. Chop 'em down. Chop 'em down...." Yes, you can withdraw from Google using the tips and tricks provided in this blog. What would it be like to not be bombarded with ads as you read your email, social network with your friends, and use your calendar to plan your life? From experience I can unequivocally state -- it is great! Follow my directions to see how awesome your internet user experience can be.





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